When Pitching Your News, Reporters Are Your Customers

While selling reporters on your latest news is not all that different from selling customers on your products or services, you have to pitch reporters in a way that makes the decision to use your news an easy one.

In other words, you have to know exactly what reporters want first; then you have to deliver your content in a way that will ultimately please their audience.

Take TV producers and reporters as an example. You must approach them with a story idea that includes plenty of visual elements – scenes that a reporter can film to create a visual narrative. The story idea must also inform, and potentially entertain, so that the viewing audience won’t change the channel. You must paint a picture and give them a date-specific call-to-action such as an invitation to a celebration, fundraiser or award ceremony.  Anything short of that and your story pitch will fall on deaf ears.

The simple fact is if you keep your pitch brief and do your homework about the reporter before pitching him or her, then your chances of getting in the news will go up exponentially.

Happy pitching!

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