Can Solopreneurs get good publicity?

According to 2007 U.S. Census data there are nearly 28 million solopreneurs in the United States. Solopreneurs, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is an entrepreneur “who works alone, ‘solo,’ running [a] business single-handedly.”

With nearly 28 million solopreneurs in America you would think that the media would be full of news about them, right? Wrong! Considering the sheer numbers, solopreneurs as a group are without a doubt among the most ignored demographic in the business media.

Go ahead, try and find fresh news content about solopreneurs on any of the big media sites like CNN, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Get ready to be sorely disappointed. Heck, even local news media comes up short on covering solopreneurs in favor of much larger employers.

Now, lest you jump to the conclusion that the media are corrupt, money-grubbing organizations only interested in corporate Fat Cats, consider the reasons why most solopreneurs fly virtually undetected on their radar:

  • Solopreneurs – taken individually – have a small economic impact on a community
  • Solopreneurs don’t hire employees
  • Solopreneurs don’t open offices in new cities
  • Solopreneurs don’t acquire other companies
  • Solopreneurs don’t (usually) have 1000s of customers & millions of dollars in revenue

So, does this mean solopreneurs should kiss the opportunity for publicity good-bye? Absolutely not!

The simple fact is there is a high correlation between solopreneurs who get good publicity and solopreneurs who actively seek it. In other words, the more often you try to get publicity for your business the more likely you are to receive it. Hey, it’s worked for me on several occasions in local and national news media!

As a Solopreneur, you have to do your own marketing to promote the business and find new customers. Since PR is one of the most cost-effective ways of both spreading brand awareness and driving more revenue, you should spend some of your time every month – if not every week – asking yourself what’s newsworthy about your business. At PR over Coffee, we recommend doing it every day over your first cup of coffee!

With nearly 28 million solopreneurs, the odds of getting media coverage may not be in your favor but, as the old saying goes, “Fortune favors the bold.” So, go forth and do bold things — just be sure to take credit for it in the news.

Happy pitching!

About Dave Manzer: Dave Manzer founded an Austin tech startup PR firm for startups and emerging-growth businesses in 2009. Dave Manzer specializes in highly integrated PR & marketing strategies that help companies in technology, healthcare, consumer and professional services reach their goals in brand awareness and revenue growth. To contact Dave about the PR over Coffee blog, feel free to tweet him at @davemanzer or email him at dave(@)

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