Why PR may just save your small business

People who know me know that I’m a huge fan of PR and good coffee. So much so I named one of my businesses PR over Coffee Enterprises. I don’t even have an office because I prefer to work out of any one of Austin’s independent coffee shops run by small business owners like me.

I’m passionate about PR not just because it’s my business. I believe in PR because it has proven to be a difference-maker for so many small businesses.

With a dismal failure rate hovering around 50% within the first five years of opening, small businesses need every shot possible to pass through the bankruptcy gauntlet.

Perhaps more than most marketing activities, PR can yield an amazing return that can put your business on a path toward growth and prosperity. It’s common knowledge that if you have an article written about you in a local newspaper or are interviewed on the local TV news people will start recognizing you.

These days I work more and more with small businesses through the DIY-friendly services of PR over Coffee. Indeed, more than 1,000 businesses have benefitted in some form or another from PR over Coffee’s practical PR advice thanks to the wonders of social media and monthly meetups in Austin, Orange County and Houston.

I can tell you for a fact the businesses engaging in media outreach – either on their own or with the help of a PR firm – enjoy revenue growth well in excess of the average small business.

Which leads me to this conclusion: if you want your business to last beyond the statistically significant 5th year, then PR must be an essential part of your marketing plan. And I mean part of an overall marketing plan. You should use every means at your disposal to survive and prosper, including email marketing, SEO, event marketing, etc.

What PR will do is force you to think differently about your business, to break with the norms as you seek to discover ways to make your business newsworthy. Being active in PR means you have to engage in ways that benefit not just you but the world around you. Big-picture thinking.

Here is what I can guarantee: if you succeed in implementing a PR strategy – how you do it is entirely up to you – then you will be around for more than five years. You will be a 20%’er who experiences growth for years to come.

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