Government Shutdown Spells PR Opportunity for Small Businesses

Nobody can deny that the government shutdown is front page news.

But did you know that said government shutdown is also a potential goldmine of publicity for any small businesses dealing with the government and/or impacted by the shutdown?

Reporters are scrambling to record the impact of the government shutdown from a variety of perspectives, including private businesses that do businesses with the Federal Government.

The news media wants to paint as realistic a picture as possible about the impact of the shutdown by talking real business owners worried about how the shutdown could impact their revenue, not to mention jobs.

If your business is impacted in some way by the government shutdown, you should reach out to the local TV and print news media ASAP! Don’t wait or this chance for some valuable branding could disappear with the passing of a new stop gap spending measure by the House.

Here just a few ways small businesses have benefited from the shutdown media frenzy:

Jonathan Creek Inn in Maggie Valley, N.C., outside the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, is seeing a 25% drop in reservations, which would normally be 95% booked this time of year. He was featured on CNN. Hey, nobody is arguing that this is a bad situation for the Inn, but the publicity it just got is priceless!

Bars and cafes around D.C. are seeing a rare surge in business as droves of furloughed federal workers are showing solidarity by drinking a cold (or hot) one as they pursue a carpe deim solution to dealing with the shutdown. See this story on CNN, which can’t be a bad thing for their business to have (a) more customers hanging around and (b) an international news outlet like CNN talking about you!

Restaurants around D.C. like ZBurger are offering free burgers to furloughed federal workers, and Sprinkles Bakery gave away free cupcakes. Also on CNN.

In other words, even a debacle in democratic governance can lead to unforeseen publicity opportunities for small businesses. E pluribus unum!

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