Thanksgiving Day Promotion Ideas for your Small Business

With Thanksgiving Day approaching you have more ways to grow your business’ brand awareness through your local news media.

Here are a few tried-and-true suggestions for a variety of businesses:


  1. Seasonal Recipe: if you are a restaurant or bar, share a great “Thanksgiving Recipe” for a dish or beverage with the local newspaper or online cultural review. Make sure they give you credit and don’t be afraid to ask for a link back to your website.Thanksgiving Giving: sign your company up for a day of support for the homeless – humans, pets, or humans and their pets – and let the TV news know about your plans.
  2. Start a Race: some towns have annual races on Thanksgiving to raise money and awareness for a special cause. If your community doesn’t, maybe your business can start one.
  3. Turkey Hotline: start a group that has a hotline for struggling families who are in need of a cooked turkey and trimmings for Thanksgiving; work with other businesses and nonprofits to get them cooked and delivered.
  4. Black Friday / Thanksgiving Thursday: Big Box stores have gotten a lot of publicity for their plans to open on Thanksgiving Day. If you are a small retailer and want to fight back, tell the media you will open early as well and will have special offers for early holiday shoppers.
  5. Thanksgiving Travel – Part 1: if you are in the travel industry, let local news media know about travel tips people should consider on what is usually one of the busiest travel days of the year.
  6. Thanksgiving Travel – Part 2: if you own an automobile shop, then contact the media with a list of reminders people should keep in mind before heading out on the road trip to grandma’s.
  7. Turkey Tips: if you are a caterer, share your best tips with local TV news stations on how to select the right turkey for the family, how to cook it just right, then carve it so it looks like a turkey right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.
  8. Small Business Saturday: the Saturday after Black Friday is when small retailers get the spotlight. If you are a small boutique or specialty food store, reach out to newspapers or TV news stations with information about your plans.
  9. 3D Turkeys: with all the buzz around 3D printing, find a 3-D printer and create your own edible 3D Thanksgiving. I hear chocolate is now being used in 3D printers, so maybe other edible materials are to.
  10. Bitcoin: yes, another tech buzz term could win you some media coverage. If you are a restaurant, maybe you accept only Bitcoins in lieu of real money for a Thanksgiving Day meal.
  11. There’s an App for Thanksgiving: so you created an app that is related to food shopping, recipes, restaurants, etc. Look for ways to show how the app can help families find unique, creative ways to enjoy the day.
  12. Giving Thanks for Veterans: veterans have put it all on the line for over a decade now in far away places like Afghanistan and Iraq. What if you got a bunch of businesses to give away free turkeys to the vets in your community? Distribute them in a Humvee for effect or play on the infamous MRE (made-ready-to-eat) food all vets came to loathe.
  13. Vegan Thanksgiving: vegans are a vocal minority so if you are a vegan restaurant or make vegan products for sale in grocery stores, Thanksgiving is a good time to emphasize the alternative recipes to traditional ones based on meat and dairy products.

The rest is up to you. Be creative, zig when other zag, and you just may get some valuable attention from your local news outlets.

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