Small Business PR Tips for Spring

With Easter and Earth Day in the rearview mirror, you still have some opportunities to take advantage of a few PR opportunities related to spring.

Thanks to an explosion of blogs and the hyper-local focus of most local media outlets like newspapers and TV news stations, small business PR has never been easier to pursue, even for the smallest of entrepreneurs.

That said, reporters and editors are bombarded with news pitches from local (and out-of-town) businesses, making it even harder to differentiate your business from the crowd.

Now more than ever is it imperative that you be authentic and creative in terms of how you go after news coverage. Your willingness to take a risk in how you position yourself will yield beneficial publicity in direct proportion to the risk taken.

What do I mean by that? If you own a coffee shop and you decide to introduce bubble tea to your menu, telling the local media about it won’t generate much excitement. But if you announce your new bubble tea line and invite neighborhood kids to come blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes and tell the media about it, well then you just added a little “je ne sais quoi” to the announcement.

Here are several spring PR tips for consideration as you seek to win favorable publicity in your community:

  • Summer Camp: if you are planning on holding summer camps at your kid-friendly business, then consider having an open-house or an education seminar about how to prepare kids for their first camp away from home.
  • Mother’s Day: can’t forget about this perennial publicity winner. If you own a restaurant, consider doing more than adding free mimosas to your mommy-friendly this year. Why not offer a mother’s day with pets so that mom’s with (and without) kids can bring their pets to celebrate the special day; throw in a parade down the street with and you’ve got a news event worth covering.
  • Gardening: It’s prime-time for gardening, so if you own a landscaping business and want to stand out from the others, consider asking a local radio or TV station to let you come on every month to talk about lawn care tips for homeowners to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of their outdoor space.
  • Cleaning Service: we’ve all heard of “spring cleaning,” so why not write an op-ed / column on the origins of spring cleaning and why it’s good to observe the age-old habit? Maybe you can talk about how a spring cleaning could net extra cash on Craig’s List, or give tips on how to plan for a low-stress garage sale.
  • Hair Salon: hair styles are constantly changing with the seasons and trends from across the fashion industry, so why not reach out and ask a local TV station if you can share some of the latest trends sweeping the country? With a few models in tow you could be on TV showing off the new styles and your hair design chops!
  • Spring Food & Beverage Lists: if you make anything from beer to brats, submit your spring-inspired offerings to localized online pubs like or or a local digital culture pub like Culturemap here in Austin, Texas in hopes of getting on a list of must-trys in your community. People love to know what the latest spring craft beers are, or which wines work best with spring feasts, or which bar makes the best spring cocktails like the Bees Knees made of Tito’s Vodka!
  • Fitness: fitness is an evergreen topic in the news industry, meaning it’s always going to be of interest to local news reporters as long as it’s creatively presented. Spring is when fitness begins to “hit it’s stride” with road races and the race to create the perfect swimsuit body. Maybe you can do the opposite of worshipping the perfect swimsuit body by inviting the community to burn Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions in a bonfire to say that everyBODY is beautiful and fitness merely plays a role in staying healthy — as opposed to looking picture perfect.

Got some ideas to “spring” your small business or startup into the media? Please feel free to share them below.

In the meantime, enjoy your spring and may the media be with you!

About Dave Manzer: Dave Manzer founded his own small business, performance-based PR agency in Austin in 2009. Dave Manzer PR and Marketing helps startups and emerging growth companies become recognizable brands through innovative, value-driven PR campaigns. He also launched PR over Coffee to provide small business PR advice so that entrepreneurs and startups could practice “DIY” PR and promote themselves to a much wider audience. For more information about Dave or PR over Coffee, email info(@)

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