All I want for Christmas is…

I’m sure everybody remembers the song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” and how it symbolizes the simple wishes of a child.

Well, I have a few wishes of my own this Christmas. I’m not gonna lie, some are pretty darn self-serving. But most are pretty simple, really. No, winning the Apple PR account didn’t make the list – this year, at least. Just like little Melissa Lynn from the YouTube video above, I want some pretty basic things this year.

Ahem, All I want for Christmas is:

Ornaments: I love it when my clients win awards: industry awards, best company to work for awards, fastest growing company awards, healthiest company awards. Awards are like ornaments; they make my clients look good and gives me something to promote to the media.

Grinch: a lot of my customers are in the tech startup space. And a lot of their funding comes from those well-off investors that have all the money in the world and, despite their natural inclination to horde wealth like the Grinch who stole Christmas, decide to invest in promising technologies and aspiring entrepreneurs. So my wish for 2015 is that more Grinches open up their wallets to invest in the future of the American economy, whether in the tech space, fashion, food or some other new industry yet to be launched.

Peace on Earth: why not aim high? Yes, peace on Earth is a lofty goal, but it’s a worthwhile goal and definitely worth adding to any Christmas wish list.

Thriving media outlets: established media outlets are my stock-in-trade as a PR professional. By placing clients in well-known media outlets like Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, CNN and blogs like TechCrunch, I am able to promote them in ways that have a formidable impact on brand awareness and revenue growth. In the era of social-mobile and the expectation of free information, media outlets have to figure out a way to make money and turn a profit. Some are doing a pretty good job, but many more need help. So, Santa, please help my friends in the media!

Tiny tots: Christmas is about “tiny tots with their eyes all aglow.” No other business demographic represents those tiny tots more than the 26 million or so small businesses and startups across all time zones. They put it all on the line everyday and could use a little Christmas cheer in the form of a rebounding economy and increased corporate spending directed toward the little firms. Wages are also closely tied to the prosperity of the entrepreneurial working class; incredibly enough, with a little more cash in their pockets, average Americans tend to spend more and small businesses feel merry and glad. Santa, won’t you please add salary growth to your list of economic to-do’s?

Prosperity: as an entrepreneur, my prosperity is always in doubt. But that’s the nature of the independent, be-your-own-boss career track I love. Still, I wish for more prosperity for my firm and my team of consultants, even as I wish it for my clients, my competition and other risk-takers in this wonderful melting pot we call the American Economy.

Stockings hung by the chimney: the “Night Before Christmas” provides us with one wish. All the kids who hung their stockings by the chimney did so with the belief – nay, faith! – that the effort would be rewarded with all kinds of goodies. I want more entrepreneurs to hang their stockings and continue taking risk by starting up businesses, investing in them by hiring and purchasing inventory in hopes that St. Nick will soon be there. We are a nation of risk-takers; that’s how we founded and built this great nation into the dominant economy it is today. My wish is that we double down and continue believing that our stockings will be filled and our entrepreneurial efforts rewarded.

Presents: I would be lying if I said I didn’t want presents. For me, a present is any client who realizes the power of PR to drive awareness of a brand, improve a company’s reputation in the era of Yelp and Internet trolls and generate more website clicks and closed sales. Clients who trust a PR agency to grow their business will no doubt be rewarded the entire year with goodies, gifts and greatness to last them the year to come.

Elves: I have become something of a Santa in the PR world, at least here in Austin. My PR over Coffee group holds meetups that feature Q&A panels with reporters and bloggers from local and national media outlets so that businesses and nonprofits can figure out how to get valuable news coverage. I am always in need of reporters and bloggers who are willing to share their wisdom with those who need it the most. I am also looking for guest bloggers for my PR over Coffee blog so if you know any talented PR folks who want to share some valuable DIY PR tips, then send them my way.

Bah Humbug: I would love to see the Scrooges of the world visited by the three Christmas ghosts. We need more benevolence, tolerance and giving to heal the many wounds that continue to be a drag on this great country. From the painful legacy of racism to the ever-present (and growing) income disparity, we need a real Christmas Miracle to give our country a shot in the arm.

That’s my Christmas wish list for this holiday season. What’s on your list?

About Dave Manzer:  Dave Manzer founded an Austin tech PR agency for startups and emerging-growth businesses in 2009. Dave Manzer specializes in highly integrated PR & marketing strategies that help companies in technology, healthcare and professional services reach their goals in brand awareness and revenue growth. To contact Dave directly about the PR over Coffee blog, please email him at dave(@)

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